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I need assistance splitting more than 300 cells, including the sample cell record below, into different columns and rows by

Column 1 = [ :
for example [Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns):
and for example [Employees:
Column 2 = ]
for example Contact Information]
and for example User Account Information]
Column 3 = ,
for example ***** - Home,Home Address - Zip / Postal Code
and for example Home Address - State / Province
Column 3 = ,
for example User Login Name
and for example User Login Password

[Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns): Contact Information] ***** - Home,Home Address - Zip / Postal Code,Home Address - State / Province,Home Address - Street,***** - Mobile,Personal Email Address,Home Address - City; [Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns): Professional Experience & Affiliations] Trade Union Membership; [Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns): Employment Information] Job Grade/Code,Employment History,Employment/Work Records,Job Title; [Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns): Personal Identification] Name - Last,Gender,Name - Middle,Age,Name - First,Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy); [Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns): Health Insurance Information] Health Records; [Temporary Workforce (Consultants / Contractors / Interns): Government Identifiers] Driver's License Number,Social Security Number (full 9 digits); [Employees: User Account Information] User Login Name,User Login Password
9 months ago
Hi drjohncm,

To split cells, you can use the Split Cells feature of Kutools for Excel. However, you cannot split cells with different separators. Instead, you should have a common separator.

The tutorial for this feature:

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