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  Wednesday, 09 March 2022
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How to translate a number into text in different languages?How to translate a number into text in different languages on Excel ?I use an online service number to words and it's not very convenient for me.
Help me, Please!
9 months ago
Hi gryb166,

To translate a number into text in different languages, you can use the Excel's built-in Translate feature with the help of Kutools for Excel's Numbers to Words:

1. Go to the tab Kutools, in the group Ranges & Cells, click Content and select Numbers to Words on the drop-down list. 
  numbers to words.png

2. Select the range that contains the numbers you want to convert to words. Under Option, check the box next to Not converted to Currency. You will see the results in the Preview page as shown below.
  not currency.png

3. Click Apply if you have other ranges with numbers to convert. Otherwise, click Ok.

4. Now, go to the tab Review and click Translate. Pick the language you need in the To section.

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